Holidays in Greece

Greece is an amazing country. It combines an incredible history, divine beauty and the delightful atmosphere of a resort country. Here you can see the sights of centuries-old culture, feel the era of wars and become a real Spartan. It is also a country of myths and legends. Almost every place in the Greek country is associated with the names of ancient gods and heroes.

Prices for trips to Greece are relatively inexpensive. Rest fully pays off and brings a sea of emotions and pleasure. The main thing is that a vacation in this country will be remembered for many years. Each of the sights will not leave an empty place in the soul. Therefore, it is worth remembering that Greece is an excellent country. It is here that all the juice of natural beauty and Greek flavor is collected.

The location of Greece speaks for itself that you can relax anywhere in the country. It is located in the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula. There is access to the Mediterranean Sea. Hence the conclusion: you can relax both on the beaches and exploring the land.

Fans of various excursions and tours will always be able to find a place among the groups in various temples, stadiums. The famous Acropolis will not make you bored. You can always find a lot of interesting things there.

The price in hotels always depends on the region and the level of the hotel. Almost all hotels have a couple of stars, but there are exceptions. These are inexpensive hotels where you can always stay. At the very least, there are enough hostels in every city. So you don’t have to spend the night outside.

As for the beaches, in Greece there is no experience where the entire coast belongs to some private person and you can relax on it only by paying money. The entire beach belongs to the state, so you can relax for free. But there are places where the beach area is rented from the state and you have to pay for a sun lounger. But if the tourist refuses it, you still don’t have to pay for a place on the sand.

If you come for a relaxing holiday, you can always go to one of the Greek islands. On each of them there are always comfortable hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers, etc. Rest on the island is always famous for various sports. It can be both underwater recreation (diving) and boat trips. Thanks to the rich underwater world, you can always hunt for exotic fish.

Since Greece is a mountainous rocky country, you can always find extreme entertainment here. Here lovers set and beat their records to try their luck. And only here there are many competitions with different directions.

Greece is great for holidays due to its climate. Summer here is dry and hot. Compared to the tropics, for example, it is much easier to conduct an excursion in Greece. Accordingly, the country is famous for its exotic plants and fruits. Here you can eat bananas, oranges, tangerines, grapes, etc.

How to have an amazing and unforgettable holiday in Greece
There is a saying: “Greece has everything”. Well, the best part is that it’s true.

Greece has gorgeous beaches, interesting sightseeing sites, ancient churches and monasteries, great food, and friendly locals. What else do you need for a successful holiday?

The best time to relax on the beach is from May to October. The temperature here rises to 30 degrees, and thanks to the good climate, it does not bother.

You can go to rest on the sea both on the mainland of the country and on the islands.

The largest of the Greek islands is Crete. If you recall the legends of Ancient Greece, then it was here, in the Knossos Palace, according to legend, that the labyrinth of the Minotaur was located. The palace, by the way, can be visited – it still exists today. And there are four seas here at once: Aegean, Cretan, Libyan, Ionian.

Rhodes is the most beautiful place in Greece. Here the Mediterranean and Aegean seas merge together and, having arrived at this place, you can swim in two seas at once.

The island of Kos has lush greenery and a wonderful climate.

Corfu is located in the Ionian Sea. It is a small but beautiful island covered with vineyards.

As for mainland Greece, they mainly rest on the Halkidiki peninsula. It will be good for a family vacation, and youth, and a vacation with the aim of exploring the historical places of the country.

In addition to beach and cultural and historical tourism in Greece, wedding and holiday tours are becoming more and more popular. Also, gastronomy. After all, the cuisine in Greece is very good.

Greece is also convenient for corporate tourism – when you need to organize business meetings or conferences. This can be done both in hotels and in specialized conference centers.

If we are talking about pilgrimage or religious tourism, then this is also Greece. Mount Athos, Meteora, the island of Patmos – these are the places that are definitely worth a visit.






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